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September, 2004

  • Mark Bower

    Hosting Windows Forms controls in the Office Task Pane

    OK, here's a question I hear frequently: I want a richer user interface in my Smart Document task pane than the default controls allow. I know I can add ActiveX controls in there, but we've standardised on .NET as our development platform now. Can I create...
  • Mark Bower

    New: Research Services Development Extras

    I't been a long time coming, but the Microsoft Office Research Services Development Extras that I presented at TechEd this year have finally been made available for download on MSDN. The download includes a class library and wizard to simplify creating...
  • Mark Bower

    Web Parts in Whidbey

    I have been spending a little time recently looking at web parts in ASP.NET 2.0. That's right, if you didn't know already the web part infrastructure becomes a fully fledged part of ASP.NET with the 2005 release of Visual Studio. The really great thing...
  • Mark Bower

    InfoPath Viewer Sample Updated

    I have made a few minor updates to the InfoPath Viewer sample app : Passes user context when downloading XSN files - important if the XSN file is stored in SharePoint Hides command window when running expand.exe More robust when executing expand.exe Download...
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