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October, 2004

  • Mark Bower

    VSTO 2005 Demo Videos

    A bunch of short demo videos from the VSTO 2005 team focussed on common tasks developers need to perform: Locate and Delete Named Range Controls Auto-resize of Controls in a Worksheet Custom User Controls in a Document Row/Column Order Persistence in...
  • Mark Bower

    BizTalk Blogger's Guide via Jan Tielens

    Jan Tielens writes that the Blogger’s Guide to BizTalk has been released. BizTalk is a product that really interests me. It naturally compliments much of the work that I do with Office and smart client development. After all, once you have InfoPath, Word...
  • Mark Bower

    My OneNote Wish List

    Let me be absolutely clear - I have no inside information about what is planned for Office 12, but after my little moan yesterday I got thinking about what I'd do if I were a OneNote PM. So here's my own personal wish-list for OneNote v.Next. Full extensibility...
  • Mark Bower

    The most annoying thing about OneNote

    Don't get me wrong, I love OneNote, especially now that the SP1 build fixes many of the little annoyances from the initial release. As a consultant on the road, lugging stacks of paper around just doesn't work for me and so OneNote has become an essential...
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