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Random thoughts on Collaborative Apps, Social Software and SharePoint in the Enterprise

January, 2006

  • Mark Bower


    This is one to keep an eye on. Aimed at the small business market this is the Information Worker group's first foray into online services and will be based sqaurely around SharePoint v3. Keep an eye on the OfficeLive site to see...
  • Mark Bower

    Office in Education

    Following up on yesterdays post, I just want to add that there is also a set of cool customizations available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint to make them more useful for students and teachers. Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office provides templates...
  • Mark Bower

    SharePoint in Education / Academia

    I had mail from someone at a college yesterday asking about use of SharePoint in education sector. It ocurred to me that we have set of SharePoint customizations available as a fully supported product that not a lot of people know about. Class Server...
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