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Random thoughts on Collaborative Apps, Social Software and SharePoint in the Enterprise

March, 2007

  • Mark Bower

    Not that boring after all

    Just realised I had a whole bunch of comments waiting for approval dating back as far as November. Community Server used to mail me when I had stuff to do. Don't know why it stopped. I thought it had been a bit quiet round here. At least now I know I...
  • Mark Bower

    Last Piece in the Jigsaw

    I guess I am a little behind the times as this went live a week or so back, but I thought it was still worth calling out that the RTW build of WSS 3.0 Extensions for Visual Studio 2005 is now live. Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WSS 3.0 This is the...
  • Mark Bower

    SharePoint: The Operating System

    For a while now I have been using an operating system analogy when explaining SharePoint to complete newbies: As Vista is our client OS, and Windows Server our data centre OS, you can think of SharePoint as the OS for your intranet. That's how fundamental...
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