Announced at the Gartner BPM Summit is the availability of a new whitepaper, authored by David Chappell, of how Microsoft is delivering the ability to implement common BPM scenarios on the Microsoft platform and making it a mainstream technology – beyond the Fortune 500 and beyond niche solution areas – through Microsoft platform products and partner products.

David does an excellent job describing how pieces of Microsoft's "People-Ready Processes" technologies work together to deliver BPM using products you probably are already familiar with and are currently using. Today, BizTalk Server delivers the capabilities for SOA, system-centric process, and rules, while Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 delivers on human-to-human and human-to-system capabilities through document collaboration, workflow design in the SharePoint Designer, and its tight integration with the 2007 Office System (Word, Excel). Used together, they offer the capability to deliver complex end-to-end BPM.


Microsoft has a range of offerings that fall under the umbrella of BPM technology – and what Microsoft calls "people-ready processes". For end users, these technologies can provide direct solutions to process problems. For independent software vendors (ISVs), Microsoft's BPM technologies act as a platform for building more specialized functions. This paper presents a big-picture view of the area, looking at both Microsoft offerings and complementary partner products. The goal is to provide a technology overview of business process management in the Microsoft world.


BPM and Business Processes

Connecting People: Human Workflow

Connecting Software: System Workflow

Using Human and System Workflow Together

Automating Complex Decisions: Business Rules Engines

Tracking Business Processes: Business Activity Monitoring

Describing Business Processes

Where do I get it?

Starting Monday February 26 2007, it will be available for download at Microsoft's BPM site at: It's also included in this post as an attachment.