K2, a member of the Microsoft Business Process Alliance, and Microsoft will be co-presenting a webinar on eBizQ. This webinar will be presented live on Wed July 18, 2007 at 9:00 AM PST, and also available on-demand. See below for additional details:

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Webinar Abstract:

Regardless of industry, all companies are placing even greater emphasis on process - whether it's onboarding a new employee and ensuring HR compliance, or handling critical tasks such as financial filings with the SEC. How do you make sure that the same process is followed every time, and that it goes from accounting to controller, the CFO to the external auditors and ultimately the SEC? And how efficient are these processes? Lurking underneath the surface are hidden obstacles - complex SOA and integration requirements to core and legacy systems that can stall or bring strategic process initiatives to a standstill.

This session will discuss the role of dynamic business applications and how they will transform the way business process management (BPM) is implemented in companies of all sizes and all industries.

Learn how K2 and Microsoft are working together to create dynamic business applications that allow business and technical users to participate in the creation of solutions to address their business needs - while navigating past the SOA and integration "icebergs" that can sink a company.

By leveraging Microsoft's business process platform of .NET, BizTalk Server and Office technologies, K2 will highlight solutions to address BPM challenges and make reliable processes pervasive in your organization.

This session will cover:

  • Design canvases that help business and technical users speak the same language
  • Empowering Business Users to define their work - their way
  • Overcoming core challenges to BPM adoption
  • How to reduce the burden on IT resources