K2 has announced that they are developing software to give people the ability to create reusable business entities which include data from SAP ERP systems. 

Below is an excerpt from their announcement: 

K2 connect for SAP also allows information that lives within SAP to be added to or amended from within a K2 blackpearl-based application or process.   “In the past, bringing SAP data into a business process or application may have taken days or weeks of solid developer coding,” said K2’s Adriaan van Wyk, CEO. “Now, with K2 connect for SAP, this can be accomplished in minutes, with no code and no hassles.  K2 connect for SAP is an add-on to the K2 blackpearl software platform, which is used for building process-driven applications that improve business efficiency.

K2 applications can be set up to automate and manage business processes — such as document approval or inventory tracking — or pull together business processes, people, services, information and systems into a single application that helps drive business. Then, what’s been built can be used like building blocks to assemble new applications.  The K2 connect for SAP beta program will begin mid March 2008 with RTM scheduled for late April 2008.  Interested parties can register for more information at K2.com/connect.