QuickLearn is offering a series of 2-day, expert level BizTalk classes focused on the Business Rules Engine (BRE), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), RFID and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) starting in July in Redmond. 

Classes in the Expert Series are available to be delivered privately beginning in July.  If you check out the QuickLearn calendar you’ll see they begin being delivered publically in the late summer.  Previous QuickLearn customers are eligible for a 25% discount to attend the first public delivery of classes in the BizTalk Expert Series.  To receive the discount the discount, please use the promotional code “Expert “ when you register.  There is no limit to the number of “First delivery” classes you can attend with the 25% discount.


For more information on this training opportunity, check here: http://www.quicklearn.com/class_BizTalk_Expert_Series.aspx