At Process World on June 17th, IDS Scheer announced the release of a new add-on product for ARIS SOA Architect which allows the BPEL and BPMN output from ARIS SOA Architect to be transformed into a Microsoft Visual Studio project file, which can in turn be executed by BizTalk Server.  This is especially exciting because for the first time, processes modeled in ARIS can be instantiated as BizTalk orchestrations in a VS project and then executed.  They also announced that they will be releasing an extractor for their PPM (ARIS Process Performance Manager) product later this year which will allow data in the BizTalk BAM data base to be presented in PPM.  The combination of these these products, along with ARIS SOA Architect and BizTalk Server, will allow full cycle process management from model to process to execution to montioring and back to the model.  This is another step in our commitment as part of the Microsoft Dynamic IT intitiative to make software model-driven and service-enabled.

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