At the SharePoint Conference last week in Las Vegas, Global360 announced that they have built new modeling and simulation capabilities for their suite of process automation tools based on Visio 2010.  The new product, analsytView 3.0, will be available concurrently with Visio 2010 and is intended to link Visio based process models with the Global360's suite of BPM process execution products. 

By taking advantage of Visio 2010's deep process modeling capabilities and Global 360's comprehensive, integrated simulation capabilities, analystView 3.0 users can import any one of the millions of Visio 2010 models into the BPM execution layer and seamlessly convert them into executable processes. Every version of a process map or model can be posted for collaborative discussion.  For the business analyst, analystView 3.0 brings modeling and simulation to Visio 2010 and uses Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to enable process improvement collaboration with a broader audience.