September, 2007

  • BradHugh's WebLog

    AutodiscoverSiteScope and Client-only sites

    The Exchange Autodiscover service is very smart when it hands out URLs for web services to clients. It will always hand out URLs that are in the same Active Directory site as the user's mailbox server. Unfortunately, when it comes to Outlook locating...
  • BradHugh's WebLog

    CAS Load-Balancing Best Practices (Part 1)

    There just isn't much in the way of How-to / Best Practices type of information regarding load Balancing Client Access Servers in Exchange 2007. Soon we should be releasing additional Technet content relating to the deployment of Autodiscover and Web...
  • BradHugh's WebLog

    Ah, leftovers from DST...

    Yesterday I got looped into a call where a customer that reported that meeting requests were ahead by an hour when he sent them to the Internet. Knowing this had to have something to do with Timezones and DST, I whipped together a quick tool to Display...
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