Why Blog they ask… I believe that Microsoft has benefited greatly from the enormous community support that is available for the .NET Framework.   I have been thinking for a while about how I can best contribute to that community.  I spend some time on the newsgroups and on the developmentor listsrvs, I spend even more time goading my comrades into doing the same… I go to conferences and user group meetings as much as I can to connect with the community. But it has always felt like I could do more.


Enter blogs.  I have been reading and writing an internal blog for very short time (about a month).  But I have already found them to be a great way to share extemporaneous comments.   To share my thoughts and perspective… to provide a flavored editorial service on content that is out on the web.  


As you might have noticed, I am Microsoft employee (for over 6 years now, where did the time go??) and this is a hosted on a Microsoft site so it is safe to say I will be blogging about that particular part of my life.  I will NOT be the official company line on any topic, but I will write about what I know and what I care about. 


So, what do I know and care about you ask… well…I have been working on the CLR team for basically the whole time I have been at Microsoft… My passion has always been the developer view of the platform.  What are the APIs developers build against and how can we make the platform better for them.  This has taken on a couple of forms.  Designing much of the BCL, creating the Design Guidelines Specification and the Common Language Specification, working with the industry to create the class libraries part of the CLI specification out of TC39-TG3.  And now… well, now, I can’t really say exactly, except that I am sort of working with Chris and kind of with Don and the PDC will rock!


Oh, and yes, I am using BlogX and Syndirella.. I will post my BlogRoll as soon I a figure out how to weed out the internal ones sites on that list..