Jeffrey Richter and I have an on going argument that I thought you’d like to chime in on. 

In samples, books, etc should we use the BCL type names (Int32, String, Single, etc) or programming language specific type names such as in C# (int, string, float, etc) or VB (Integer, String, Single, etc)? 

Jeff believes that the sample code would be clearer if it consistently used the BCL names.  I believe that if the sample should leverage the keywords of the language it is written in.  The C# and VB language designers decided to have a “pretty” name for these types as part of the language and I believe we should respect that.    


As an example what do you like better:


Jeff’s way:

for (Int32 i = 42; i < 100; i++) { }


my way:

for (int i = 42; i < 100; i++) { }