Looks like David Stone one out by under a minute… If John St. Clair had only hit “add” a little faster…

David and John both hit the nail on the head.. here is David’s response:

Ø      No... because in the second Format method, the format param is "{0}" and the args is an Object[].

Ø      Thus the args parameter is not null in and of itself. It has a null string in the first slot, but the first method just gave it an Object[], so it won't throw any exception.

Kevin Dente tried it out and said it didn’t throw… Hmm… I just checked it and on my machine it doesn’t throw, here is my code:

    static void Main(string[] args)


       string firstName = null;

       Console.WriteLine (String.Format ("{0}", firstName));


Brad, Guy of .NET makes a valid point that we generally treat null and String.Empty to be the samething.. true, true, and I encourage others to do the same but I don’t see how that effects this code..