We are in the process of pushing hard toward ZBB for an interim milestone (M2) within the Whidbey schedule.   ZBB is a hard process where force ourselves to reach zero active bugs older that 24 hours (Zero Bug Bounce).  We are starting with a pretty sizeable backlog that we built up while we were working on features in M2 and the good folks in test are continue to hammer away filling new bugs everyday.  So to eek down our count to zero we have to fix MORE bugs than are filed each day… A lot more if we want to come in on time.. So it is clearly crunch time on the CLR team… Folks are around in the 2nd floor of building 42 late each night… We regularly commune over dinner together (tonight we brought in a huge number of pizzas, tomorrow night its BBQ I think) and on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons we pump up in traditional Seattle style with a free latte cart on our floor.


So if you see my buddies Chris and Adam a little slow in posting you know what they are up too.. Finding and fixing bugs!


As for me?  Well, in typical poor planning I am out of office Thursday and Friday at a big customer site in OR doing the .NET Framework 101 pitch then out again Monday and Tuesday doing PDC planning down in LA… Oh – yea, about that PDC, what do you want to see at the PDC?  What talks would rock? What band should we get?  What other cool stuff should we do?