I just completed a survey on managed code usage internally.  It was very informal, but I think we got some good general directions.


I thought I’d validate some of that by asking you folks some of the more interesting questions… Please respond in my comments or send me an email: BradA at Microsoft dot com.


Please pass the link along!


When do you plan to release your first solution based on managed code?

(Please chose one)

            Already have

            Within 3 months

            Within 6 months

            Within 1 year

            Within 2 years

            Further out


Why is your team using Managed code?

(Chose as many as you’d like)

Expose APIs to 3rd party developers

Ease of development


Plug into other managed technology (ASP.NET, VS, etc)

Other (please specify)



What are the biggest impediments to using managed code in your team or in more parts of your application?