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Question: Is there a way (not programmatically) to find out if a given assembly is strong named or not?

Can we assign a strong name to an assembly that is already compiled with specifying a PublickeyToken?


Answer: To determine whether an assembly is strong named there are several alternatives. Use ILDASM and look for a .publickey directive in the .assembly section. Use SN -T <assembly> (the case of the -T option is important, -t means something different) and see whether you get back a public key token or an error informing you the assembly is not a valid strong named assembly.


You cannot convert a weakly named assembly to a strongly named one. Doing so involves changing the name of the assembly (by adding a public key to it) so isn't generally a useful operation. On top of that there would be a lot of structural problems to resolve (re-writing metadata and the PE format updates) so it's a non-trivial task. It becomes easier to totally rewrite the assembly, which you might be able to accomplish using ILDASM then ILASM (if your assembly doesn't contain mixed managed and unmanaged code). Whether you can do this rather depends on the licensing for the component involved of course.