Recently I posted about the magic the C# compiler is doing… I got some good comments.


Patrick Steele – points to some similar work he did in VB… very cool.


Kelly Summerlin, I have pushed in the past for the compilers\IDEs to make better use of the FlagsAttribute, I think there is a lot they could do.  I’ll raise it again now that I have a customer asking as well ;-)


Blake  Isn’t sure my statement about Enums have the base class System.Enum is right… Well… the metadata don’t lie…Check it out in ILDASM yourself.  Some of the confusion in the C# and CLI specs are likely the difference between boxed and unboxed value types.  Unboxed value types technically don’t have any base class.


John Tobler – points out Lutz’s great work on Reflector Oh yes, I know it.  Lutz was just in my office the other day talking about the fun he is having with it…. Great tool, very helpful in understanding the platform.  BTW, you should ask Lutz about the cool tool he is working on for MS, a little different than Reflector, but very jazzy! (Oh, he is likely to pull a Scoble on you and not talk about it until after the PDC in Oct, but don’t hurt to ask.)