ChrisAn and I (Don was already snoozing) spent some time Friday on the bus back from the conference discussing demos for the PDC and we reached a dilemma. Maybe you can help us out.  It should be of no surprise to you folks that we are in very active development of Longhorn right now.  A month+ ago we forked off a build for the PDC and have been stabilizing it (taking only very limited fixes) to get it ready for the PDC.  In parallel the dev team has been slamming out new features and, in some cases substantially cleaning up the programming models.  So for demos during the PDC should we:


Plan A: Use only the bits we had out to attendees and speak to the fact that the code isn’t the final model.  This lets you repeat exactly the same demo on your laptop at the event.  


  -- or –


Plan B: Use the latest and greatest internal build that shows off the programming model as we expect it to be when we ship.  Provide demos\samples in the SDK that demonstrate the same features but will work on the PDC bits.  This shows you the right long-term programming model so you can see clearly how we are evolving the platform.



Love to have your votes, thoughts and comments.