I just saw we got the panel site live… Jeremy tells us how this works…   But basically you go here and suggest questions or topics you want us to address…


I know all the folks on the CLR panel well, so let me give you an idea of what you might want to ask us…


Anders Hejlsberg, Distinguished Engineer

            - How are CLR based generics different than GJ? (Generics in Java)

Brad Abrams, Lead Program Manager,CLR

            - Why is string sealed? Why camel and PascalCasing? Interfaces or base classes? And other such imponderables?

Christopher Brumme, Architect, CLR

            - What did you do to get the clr to be robust enough to run in Sql server?

George Bosworth, Architect, CLR

            - What are the future optimizations we can expect to see in NGen?

Jim Miller, Architect, CLR

            - How are we addressing platform and application versioning issues going forward?

Jonathan Hawkins, Lead Program Manager, CLR

            - Jonathan is our distinguished moderator, so technically he just gets to dish it out, but if you want,  you could ask him to explain Jim’s answer to the versioning question ;-)

Patrick Dussud, Lead Architect, CLR

-         What are we doing to make it easier to work with unmanaged memory in the GC world?

Sean Trowbridge, Architect, CLR

            - How does NGen really work?