Thanks to the great folks at Addison Wesley I got a copy of Programming in the .NET Environment (I wrote the Framework chapter) translated into Russian!  It was very cool to see my work getting a wider audience.  They even translated the comments in the code!


BTW – Here is the pitch for the book translated back into English, I hope it reads better in Russian

The book is written by the group of the developers of platform NET and makes it possible to learn, as this platform is arranged in reality.In contrast to many other books on this theme, it describes not only ` kak` they work the elements of platform NET, but also ` pochemu`.The undoubted merit of the book is the in-depth analysis of platform NET with the explanation of reasons, on which the developers among many alternative versions selected precisely those, which became the basis of platform NET.The first part of the book begins with comparative analysis of the previous distributed systems and platform NET (chapter 1), after which is proposed the detailed consideration of the system of types (chapter 2) and metadannykh (chapter 3).In the description of the system of fulfillment (chapter 4) the finesses of the use of intermediate language are given, the systems of safety and control of politicians are examined.Considerable attention in the book is paid to the process of creation (chapter 5) and developing/scanning (chapter 6) the applications/appendices with the deep description of questions of the control of versions, internationalization and localization, which only briefly are mentioned in other books about platform NET.