I realized I had not given a shameless plug for my PDC talk yet…. I will be continuing my tradition of doing a .NET Framework Overview talk at the PDC.   This year it is called: ARC200 .NET Framework Overview: A Road Map.  


My goal with this talk is really twofold:

1.       Give you a high-level overview of what is new and cool in Whidbey and why invested in the areas we did…  I have LOTS of references to other talks for more drill down

2.       As the title implies, I do show a roadmap for where we are taking the .NET Framework in the future and how it effects your development today.


I am super excited to have Jeffrey Richter join me on stage… You might know him from his very popular book or his developer training work at the company he co-founded, Wintellect.  Jeff is going to be demo-god for this session.  He and I spent a sometime on the last few weekends working through demos and they are looking cool… We addressed on of my big passions around showing the technology work end-to-end.   

Jeff agreed to do the demos for me because he is a heck of nice guy and I offered to take him out to dinner afterwards to thank him.. either to a really nice place if he gets lots of spontaneous applause or to In-N-Out Burger if he doesn’t ;-)


Hope to see you there...