Here at PDC central we have heard some great stories about speakers giving it all to make it to the PDC on time.  For many of these speakers, the PDC is one of the few chances they get talk to a few thousand developers.  These speakers don’t want to miss that opportunity. 

One of the best I heard is Anthony Moore… Keep in mind his talk is the very first breakout session of the conference.  This morning his flight out of Seattle was delayed… twice then canceled.  He jumped on the chance to fly to Phoenix, AZ… (closer is better right?) he should get in to Phoenix by 8p tonight then he plans to drive overnight – should get here at 2a.  Then do is talk at noon…  No problem. 


What is the best story you have heard on a speaker or attendee giving it all to make it here… Please add or link in my comments…


Breaking news – the PDC central is a happening place – Anthony was able to swing a flight from Phoenix to LAX… ahh