At my talk today I made the point that it is super easy to move to 64bit with managed code… By writing in managed code today you are best prepared for 64 bit in the future.  In fact our experience is many applications require NO changes at all (not even a recompile) to run great on 64bit….. If you are doing introp or unsafe code, you will need very minor updates.  


Can we put our money where our mouth is?  Yes!  If you are at the PDC this week I encourage you to go down the hands on labs.  There we have bits plus a whole raft of 64-bit hardware available for folks to play on. We have 15 HPzx IA64 machines, a 16-proc Unisys IA64 machine, and a rack of 8 4-way IA64 machines.

We also have 15 AMD Opteron machines (no Framework, but they can still do VC++ labs using Whidbey and play w/ 64-bit Longhorn).


Check it out and let me know how if you can “live the 64 bit dream”…