Steven Clarke added a recent comment to my blog that I thought was worth highlighting:

Systematic programmers tend to follow a defensive coding style. They do not make assumptions about the code they are writing, the platform it runs on, the class libraries that they are using etc. For example, they do not assume that a class library will behave as advertised. Instead, systematic programmers will test the library in a safe environment, inspect the library source code etc before using it in a production environment. Systematic programmers desire programming languages and APIs that give them full control over the execution of their code and that do not hide important details from them, even if it means they have to write more code and take more time to understand how the code works. They value being able to get under the covers and tinker with components or even replace them.

Pragmatic programmers tend to be less defensive than systematic programmers. In many cases, they are comfortable trading off control for productivity as long as they are aware of the existence of the trade off. Rather than spend the time understanding the full working details of an API, they will prefer to learn as they go, building up an understanding of the API, programming language etc in the context of the work that they are doing. They value being able to get under the covers and tinker with components should they need to, but will prefer not having to do so.

Opportunistic programmers value productivity features in a language, API and IDE very highly, often higher than anything else. Unlike systematic programmers, they place less value on having complete control over their code, since for opportunistic programmers, the cost of control is added development time. They particularly value 3rd party controls and APIs that allow them to concentrate on the business problem that they are trying to solve, rather than on configuring the control or specialising the API so that it meets their requirements. They don't really value being able to get under the covers and tinker with components - they would rather look for some other API or control that met their needs instead of modifying controls or APIs that they already have.

What type of developer are you??