I will be coming to 2004 Borland Conference in San Jose, CA to talk about the cool new stuff in CLR v2.0.   I will be in town for a long weekend to see the sights (any suggestions?).  Then hanging out at the conference on 9/14 and 9/15.  Anyone else going to BorCon?  What can I expect?  How is it the same\different than PDCs? 



From the session schedule: http://info.borland.com/conf2004/tracks/allsessions_sched.html

4140  Exploring What's New in the CLR 2.0  
Brad Abrams — Microsoft

Type: Regular Session. Level: Advanced.
Learn how the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 serves as the starting point for many of the great features you'll need to make your development experience faster, easier, and more productive. Learn about key .NET Framework 2.0 features exposed by the CLR, including Generics, ClickOnce, Edit-And-Continue (EnC), and 64-bit support. Whet your appetite for some of the many and varied new Base Class features, including strongly-typed resource support, SerialPorts, a variety of improvements to I/O, and even a look at cool new Console features.
Prerequisites: Experience with Microsoft .NET Framework versions 1.0 or 1.1.
Room: J2