Hello… my name in Brad Abrams and I have a confession to make:  I could not get my home wireless network to work.  I know the shame of it… I work at the largest software company in the word, the same software company that makes the OS my wife and I are running, I use a wireless network all day long.. but I could not get my laptop to see my wife’s printer.  I tried many a Saturday’s looking at network settings, reading websites and the online help each time ending up more depressed then the last time, but too ashamed to admit my failings. 


But along came XPSP2 and I realized the failing was not mine… it was my OS’s failing… now that both my wife and I are both running XPSP2, on a lark I tried to connect to my wife’s machine and it worked… within 2 minutes I was happily printing from my laptop (RASed into work) to her printer.  Wow – now that is an OS upgrade.  I did nothing and it just started working.   


I have no idea why it started to work… but I am glad it did!


Did anyone else have a similar experience?