I am sure many of you have been following the saga around naming of type parameters.  We start with the simple K, V style naming and got flamed on the MSDN feedback site.  We did lots of thinking about it internally and decided to change the guidelines in response to the feedback.    And you guessed it, we got flamed by folks that liked it the old way, but never chimed in… My favorite:

“I want to puke from looking at the T prefixes. These guidelines are crap”


Oh well, you can’t make everyone happy… ;-)


But the real joy for me was seeing the comment below.  If this comment is broadly true of Microsoft, then we are getting the community message for real…


As far as MS being open, of course they are. I think perhaps people [who opposed the change] just ignored this [ladybug thread] cause they didn't think MS was gonna change [anything] (I would have bet 100:1 MS wouldn't do this) -- so put out a cry to everyone you know to complain to MS. They'll fix this.” -- Michael Giagnocavo



Whatever camp you are in on this issue, the lesson is the same, give us your feedback, we are listening and changing the product in light of it!