Someone recently asked me for information on the trend of .NET Framework installations.  Here is what I dug up… I thought you might be interested:


1.      More than 120M copies of the .NET Framework were downloaded and installed (using either Microsoft downloads or Windows Update)

2.      More than 85% of new consumer PCs sold in 2004 had the framework installed. More than 58% of business PC had the .NET Framework preinstalled or preloaded

3.      Every new HP consumer imaging device (printer/scanner/camera) comes with managed application; Every new Microsoft Intellipoint mouse software CD ships with the .NET Framework

4.      Between Q303 and Q204 there was more than 30% increase in the number of .NET Framework installations in the business segment.

5.      Most of the installations of the .NET Framework are in Windows XP and Windows 2000 machines.

6.      More than 95% of the people that run Microsoft Internet Explorer have version 5 or newer.

7.      Windows 98 and Windows ME are less than third of the consumer market PCs


Do you have thoughts on what indicates .NET Framework installation trends?