Continuing on the weekly series, today we posted the session on Member Types.  Thanks for watching the last week’s session on naming conventions and coming that chat… If you missed it there will be a chat transcript posted soon.  


A couple of notes on this sessions:

Slide 5: Don’t accept the defaults!  Sounds like a powerful philosophy of life as well as a good API design principle J

Slide 8: Bertrand Meyer and the Eiffel programming language

Slide 18: On properties vs. methods… If you have to error on one side or the other, error on the side of having less properties.  The exception to developers that it behaves like a field is a powerful one, not something to take lots of libraries with. 

Slide 20: I’d be interested if you have found this “bug” in your code as well.

Slide 30: More info on the Gang of Four Singleton Pattern see Design Patterns

Slide 36: Come on, who has been there?? Have you gotten a NullReferenceException from deep in the framework an assumed it is a bug in the framework? 

Side 41:So, I didn’t talk about params methods as they are somewhat uncommon.. but if you have ideas of what is wrong with this code let me know!

Slide 42: I want to stress that the Int32 vs int naming debate here is really only for public OMs… in your own code I prefer to see the language specific names “int” rather than “Int32” for example.


Member Types
Learn when to use certain member constructs such as properties, methods, and events over other constructs and why. [300k]

I will be in a chat room on 2/9 1pm PST logged in from my first leg of my FrontLine trip in Dallas Texas to answer questions and hear your comments on this topic.  The Q&A part of these classes is always my favorite part; I hope you will take time to come.
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