Ok, honestly, I think this is the last one ;-)  The “big show” ends its run in my home town, Raleigh, NC at the Triangle Area .NET Users Group… If you are in the area, please come! 


Oh, and Jason, I have not forgotten we need to do lunch while I am there… I will get up with you shortly…



3/2/2005 6-8pm: Effective .NET Framework based development: Exception handing and Memory Management
This talk will drill demystify two areas that cause many problems for C# and VB.NET developers. Correctly handling errors via exceptions and recovering gracefully when they occur is a deceptively simple problem. We will discuss time-tested guidelines for raising and handling exceptions and discuss changes for the soon to be release .NET Framework 2.0 product. The second topic is how to effectively deal with memory management in the CLR. We will take a look at how the automatic memory manager in the CLR really works and why it works that way and discuss best practices for writing code in that world. We will also touch on some new features coming in .NET Framework 2.0 in this area.