I had a great time presenting last night to the Dallas .NET User’s Group.  We had just about 200 people there and the audience was very engaged.  A few questions\comments I remember that might be interesting…


  1. Someone mentioned Brian Harry’s post on deterministic finalization from way back in Oct of 2000.
  2. How does the GC handle circular references?  Short Answer: it is not really a garbage collector, it is a “stuff collector”, it frees anything it can’t reference.
  3. We had the whole ApplicationException debate…
  4. We got into the discussion of why C#\VB don’t support Java’s throws clause.  Short Answer: the throws clause doesn’t version well.  Longer answer.
  5. Even though I talk about HWnds and HDCs as examples of resources the GC does not manage, the truth is you should rarely have to deal with those as WinForms wraps them and does the resource management on them.  This patter is for your *own* unmanaged resourced.


Anyway, thanks again for hosting me Dallas… I will certainly look you up next time I am around.