Partly as a result of my recent FrontLine trip the CLR team is going to hit the road!  We are going to go on a bit of a tour sending a handful of folks out to different cities to visit with customers and talk to user’s groups and key influentials.  Our goals are simple:  we want to get a visceral feeling for how customers are using our products today and especially how we could do things better.  In the process we hope to be able to help the community via talks at users groups, do educational presentations for customers, help folks migrate to .NET Framework 2.0 and engage in an open dialog about competitive technologies. 


Our first stop is Atlanta!  Kit George, Claudio Caldato, Jason Zander and I will be in Atlanta the week of May 2nd.    


You can come join us at the Atlanta C# User’s Group on Monday, May 2nd, 2005 at 6:00 PM at the Microsoft facility in Alpharetta




  CLR Internals and Making Managed Applications Fast


  Brad Abrams and the .NET CLR Team


Come hear members of the Microsoft Common Language Runtime team describe how the CLR really works under the covers and how to exploit that to build the most performant managed applications. The talk will cover the architecture of the CLR, assembly loading, IL and JIT execution, automatic memory management and exception handling as well as proven best practices to make your V1.1 applications faster today. The talk will also highlight the differences coming in V2.0 of the CLR.