Stop #2 on the CLR Roadtrip has just been finalized.  Three PMs on the CLR development team will be in Arizona the week of May 16th   Just like stop #1 in Atlanta this continues our tour sending a handful of folks out to different cities to visit with customers and talk to user’s groups and key influentials.  Our goals are simple:  we want to get a visceral feeling for how customers are using our products today and especially how we could do things better.  In the process we hope to be able to help the community via talks at users groups, do educational presentations for customers, help folks migrate to .NET Framework 2.0 and engage in an open dialog about competitive technologies. 


Alas, I will not personally be on this trip, but I am super excited to send Claudio Caldato (Perf), Rich Lander (Loader) and  Mike Downen (Security).    Some claims to fame for these guys…

            Claudio thought RicoM everything he knows about perf (or was that the other way around). ;-)

            Rich actually knows the difference between the LoadFrom contact and the fusion binding context ;-)

            Mike is the guy to be nice to; he is likely to be able to hack your system ;-)


You are welcome to join these folks from the CLR team and some other great speakers at BetaDays 2005. 


Thursday, May 19, 2005 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Registration at 8:00 AM SHARP!


FREE! Nada, zip, zero, zilch!

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