Krzysztof and I spent sometime with Don Box Friday to get some tips on how to give a great PDC precon. 

Don reminded me of this channel9 interview he did… really a great watch.. I highly recommend all PDC speakers review it twice before the show! 


Don challenged my thinking on how to structure the presentation… While it is very uncomfortable to be challenged, Don’s right, I need to rethink how we present the material for this precon… Perhaps the biggest revelation I had was that I should give a talk that *I* would want to see.  That is I love dynamic, funny, insightful talks that change the way I look at the world – so I should give that kind of talk.  Rather than 300 slides full of bullet points no one will remember anyway.


 Wish us luck as Krys and I attempt to focus on the truth rather than the facts in this presentation!


BTW – don’t expect me to come out in a tub, or get dancers on stage, but the precon will be well worth the time!


PS – Next week Krys and I meet with Jeff Richter to have a similar talk… Jeff and Don are both on my list of “Master Communicators” and they both have very different styles.  It will be interesting to see how the talk morphs again after that meeting.