We are just starting to kick off the hard core planning for the next release of ROTOR, a shared source version of the CLR.  One of the first tasks here is to staff up the team!    We need at least 1 PM and 2 developers that have a vision for what ROTOR should be to engage academics and the broader community.    For the PM the challenge is around how to excite the community and get tangible results out of this work.  For the dev team the challenges are around making sure this actually CLR product source code works great on FreeBSD\MAC (and other platforms) and is buildable\extensible by enthusiasts and academics.


Not to mention any position that David Notario and Don Syme think is cool must be a winner ;-)


PM: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=a2308a89-fd40-44a2-a3c9-d64e3e0d3b08
Dev#1: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=be2065d1-0943-4ebf-9560-ada9673a6cd6
Dev#2: http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=b02cafac-c95a-46e1-b110-e3faef0c1db2



If you are interested please submit your resume and contact me!