Check it out, we opened up the Birds of a feather suggestion center … this is your chance to lead your own discussion at the PDC on topics YOU care about.  PDC is a great forum for this because the best-and-brightest developers targeting windows will be there as well as TONS of Microsoft folks.  


As a Microsoft person, I am not able to lead any of these, but I figured it would be OK if a mused a little about what some fun sessions might be… If you want to pick one up, twist it to your will and add it to the tool please do.. and I will see you there! 


  1. FxCop: Using it in the real world
  2. The Future of ROTOR
  3. Best practices for using Exceptions
  4. Top 10 .NET Framework pet peeves
  5. The Language wars Part II: C#, C++, VB: Which should I use when
  6. Blogging: How it changes software development
  7. My Fall reading list: the best .NET books
  8. What it takes to win the VB6 developers
  9. Spot the bug
  10. Best practices for deploying the .NET Framework
  11. Top 10 best .NET apps ever…
  12. 10,000+ Kloc of unmanaged C++ now what?
  13. Standardization and the CLR: What is next for ISO\ECMA and he CLI
  14. Students For .NET
  15. Telecommunications and .NET
  16. <<insert industry here>> and .NET
  17. .NET for hobbyist
  18. Geek gadget gala   
  19. Selling .NET to your boss: successful strategies for getting your boss to go with .NET for your net project
  20. Is Moore’s Law really dead?