Continuing in the series of discussing topics from the Framework Design Guidelines


Expert from 3.1.1 Capitalization Rules for Identifiers


There are two appropriate ways to

capitalize identifiers, depending on the use of the identifier:



The PascalCasing convention, used for all identifiers except parameter

names, capitalizes the first character of each word (including acronyms

over two letters in length) as in the following examples:


BRAD ABRAMS In the initial design of the Framework we had hundreds

of hours of debate about naming style. To facilitate these debates we

coined a number of terms. With Anders Hejlsberg, the original designer of

Turbo Pascal, and a key member of the design team, it is no wonder that we

chose the term PascalCasing for the casing style popularized by the Pascal

programming language. We were somewhat cute in using the term camel-

Casing for the casing style that looks something like the hump on a camel.

We used the term SCREAMING_CAPS to indicate an all-uppercase style.

Luckily this style (and name) did not survive in the final guideline.


OK – tell me the truth… who misses SCREAMING_CAPS in public APIs?