A was really excited to see Apple would host some ABC TV shows on iTunes.  Clearly the has to be the wave of the future.. with the advent of DVRs the days of overtly commercial sponsored TV seem to be numbered… and Apple’s foray into on-demand TV download business is no doubt a harbinger of the future…

Or maybe that is just my wishful thinking as we seem to have the only house with highspeed internet connection but no cable, satellite or even bunny ears TV service. 


So I got an iTunes account yesterday and downloaded one of the shows for $2.  While the browsing and purchasing was seamless, the video quality was poor.  It might look fine on a 2.5 inch iPod player, but not on my laptop.   I wonder if that was part of the deal – ABC didn’t want to give up the crown jewels just yet so they release it in less then perfect quality. 


Well, maybe MovieLink or CinemaNow will do a deal and get some high quality downloads up there.  Until then, I guess I will continue to work on other stuff    


Anyone else tried this out?  Did you have the same results?