I had an opportunity recently to chat briefly to Eric Hahn (of Netscape and Lookout fame) about his next interesting project… which btw, will be built in C# just like lookout.  He mentioned that it was hard to find developers with world class ISV-style experience in C#.  While there is a healthy market for enterprise developers in C# and VB the ISV developers are harder to find. 


I assured Eric that you are out there… I know, because I have talked to you at the PDC, I have seen you on the blogs and in the community in general asking really hard, pointed questions.    Do you think I am right?  Any thoughts on where ISV likes Eric might find ISV-style developers with deep C#/CLR experience? 


Oh, and, BTW – here is the plug for Eric’s openings just in case you are interested in them specifically



Founder-Level Opportunity for C# Gurus


Hi.  I’m Eric Hahn, originator of Lookout (100% C#/.Net Outlook search engine, sold in '04 to Microsoft), former CTO of Netscape and accidentally successful industry veteran.  We’ve started a way cool new company (disclaimer: I’m biased).  Once again we're betting on C#/.Net (why haven’t more start-ups discovered how cool it is?).


We're looking for one or two killer C# architects/developers to join the founding team, ideally here in the Bay Area.  This is a chance to put your C#/.Net skills to work on a hugely visible, well-funded, mainstream product.  If you’re even slightly interested, please send your resume to jobs@element30.com.


BTW, definitely check out Brad’s book – it is awesome and has become required reading around here.



Update:  I just noticed that Jack has a good post related to ISVs and managed code... http://blogs.msdn.com/jackg/archive/2006/04/13/576060.aspx