Recently a customer asked me if XP SP2 is a required preq for .NET Framework 2.0...   Here is the answer we were able to get out to them... I thought you’d be interested.   While the .NET Framework 2.0 may install on SP1 or XP Gold, these will not be supported configurations. 


Microsoft is making concerted efforts to ensure that systems are as secure as possible by default. As part of these efforts, the only version of Windows XP that .NET Framework 2.0 is supported on is Service Pack 2 and above.


Microsoft has released service packs for many of its supported operating systems, with the most notable being Windows XP Service Pack 2, a service pack almost entirely focused on improving the security. To date, Windows XP SP2 has been deployed to the vast majority of Windows XP systems – literally hundreds of millions of systems.


When a service pack can so dramatically improve the security of a system, the .NET Framework will require it. While Microsoft does continue to support other operating systems, it remains paramount that we ensure that we do everything we can to improve the security of our premier desktop operating system. Although customers may find that the .NET Framework can install on Windows XP Gold and SP1, this is not a supported configuration.



What do you think? Is this a sensible policy?