As many of you know after you ship a major release there is inevitably a re-org as the teams get in alignment to deliver on the next set of opportunities…  One of the outcomes of our post-Whidbey shuffle here at Microsoft was to create a product unit that brings together our client and web frameworks and a very close connection to the WPF team with application services (such as user profiles) to deliver an awesome developer programming model experience.  Specifically the team owns Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Atlas and a few other exciting incubations in this space.  I have been asked to be Group Program Manager of this new team.  


Having been a founding member of the CLR team, it is hard for me to think about leaving that team. The CLR is an absolutely amazing team playing a critical role at Microsoft and in the industry.  This team has the extremely rare mix of being technically demanding, strategically important and staffed with smart and engaging people.  Every day I have been on the CLR team I have been challenged to solve big problems, to innovate and to push harder to make a bigger impact on the company and the industry.  I am extremely grateful to have “grown up” on the CLR team.  (BTW – they are hiring)


Since the early days of this blog I have talked about issues I directly deal with as part of my job.  Issues around API design, inner workings of the CLR and pulling WinFX together.  While I am sure I will still touch on those issues (they didn’t give me a lobotomy after all) I’ll try to focus more on my new team and the new challenges we face.  I hope I will not lose too many subscribers as I talk about our new innovations in the UI Frameworks and Services space.


I am sure many of you are using WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET\Atlas today – I need to get engaged with that community.  Where do you suggest I hang out?  What blog should I read?  What are the biggest issues I should be aware of?  I am spending a bunch of time ramping on this stuff, so I would appreciate all the help I can get.


Also, I am taking my first role as a manger of managers, I’d love any advice, comments, books suggestions, horror stories you’d like to share with me.   




PS –I am lucky enough to enough to have some great folks on my team.. you may know a few of them: