The Register does a review of the Framework Design Guidelines...   Other than a crack about the title of the book the review is positive. ;-)  One point that I have not seen before:

While the .NET focus is evident, it has to be said that the principles and guidelines are independent of language and, to a very large extent, independent of platform. So, not only is this a book that applies to all of the .NET languages rather than just C#, most of it makes good sense for Java, Python and the rest.

 I’d love to hear from the Java\Python crowd on if the book as been helpful for them!


Oh, and on the same site, I found an interesting article about frameworks: The 'f' in framework which includes the funnies jokes have heard today (keep in mind it is early on a Monday). 

There are but 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand the binary numbering system and those who don't.