ClickOnce is a very cool client application delivery system that we shipped in V2.0 of the .NET Framework and that WPF (aka Avalon) makes use of as well.  Before we even shipped V1.0 of the .NET Framework we have know that deployment is the key issue for client applications.  No mater how good the UI framework is if the app can’t be deployed it is useless.  While ClickOnce doesn’t solve all deployment (machine provisioning for example) it does make HUGE steps towards delivering web style deployment of client applications. 


I really appreciate the feedback we have gotten recently on ClickOnce around Permission Elevation... One of the things a love about working on this technology is that we have such a great community that is active about telling us what they like and don’t like. 


In response to the feedback, Saurab posted some more information about what went into our thinking around this decision... I’d love to hear your feedback and reaction... Just using his blog for comments is goodness or feel free to email me directly.