Mix06: The Atlas Dice Demo


Rick and I had a lot of fun giving our talk  Designing a Better User Experience with AJAX and "Atlas at Mix06.  I have already had a bunch of folks as me for the code.  So here it is!  Keep in mind I am not suggesting it is anything more than a demo – so if you are going to setup a real eCommerce site selling dice I suggest you spend some time hardening it ;-)


Download Demo: DiceRus.zip [Atlernate MSDN Download]

Download Slides: NGW052.Spencer_Abrams.ppt


If you were not able to go to Mix, I am told all the talks will be streamed in a few weeks... I’ll be sure to link to this one when it does. 


Bertrand is going to blog over the next few weeks about the custom atlas controls he created for me for this demo.  My favorite is the according control in the configuration. 


Oh – and Special thanks to Corina and her friend for this awesome site design, to Sam for the some special CSS\div love, Bertrand for lots of debugging help and the killer controls and finally to Janet for some great last minute help with some additional images. 


Update: I just notice that rick has a good post on the Ajax design principles we covered in our talk.  You should check it out.