I am very excited to do a keynote at the Web Design World conference in Seattle July 10-12th   I am honored to be up there with a great group of speakers.

Here is the talk I am planning to do... Any thoughts\comments?  I’d love to hear from folks that are going..  


Brad Abrams, Group Program Manager for the UI Framework and Services Team, Microsoft

Tuesday, July 11 — 9 a.m.

In this keynote address, Microsoft will share its vision for the Web with designers and developers. You will walk away from the presentation with a better understanding of Atlas, a framework for quickly building cross-browser, Ajax-style Web applications; Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere, a cross-platform, cross-browser runtime; and Expression Web Designer, a tool for creating CSS-based, standards-compliant Web sites. These three technologies will enable you to build rich user experiences for the Web.