Have you checked out http://www.seewindowsvista.com/???


It is a very cool way to see some amazing things that developers are doing with Vista and .NET Framework 3.0.   The site is clearly focused at end-users, but as a developer you might want to know what technology bets it took to make those apps.. I did a little poking around and here is what I was able to find out....   If there is some specific showcase you’d like to find more about please let me know.


Accruent: WPF

Allscripts Healthcare: WPF

AMG-Mercedes: WPF

British Library: WPF


North Face: WPF

Otto Group: WPF, WCF, InfoCard, ClickOnce

Scripps: WPF

90 Degree Software: WPF and WCF

Areva: WPF

iBloks: WPF

Sourcecode (K2.NET): WF, WCF, WPF


Mike talks a bit more about these as well