I am looking forwarding to doing the keynote at the Pattern and Practices Summit today.  I thought for a while about what to do… I have been into the Ajax thing recently and it is very cool, but ultimately  I decided the real timeless information I had to share was going back to my roots in Framework design.  Working with Krzysztof Cwalina, I distilled down 7+ years of framework design experience into 5 key principles.  While these principles have a specific application to framework design, what I think makes them even more relevant to this audience it that I have seen broad applicability to software design and development as well.  Not to mention I have some fun pictures and analogies ;-) 


·         Treat Simplicity as a Feature

·         Know Your User

·         Think Development Ecosystem

·         Use the Power of Consistency

·         Design to Last


Attached are the slides… I’d love to hear you thoughts and feedback…. Feel free to leverage the content in your own work, but I’d appreciate a reference.