I was thrilled to get a copy of The Old New Thing recently. You likely know that Raymond is one of the most popular bloggers on MSDN and his book does not disappoint. There is tons of interesting information on both how and why things work in windows. Raymond added some additional goodness, so it is not just a reprint of his blog… A few interesting ones:

  • Why do you have to click the Start button to shutdown?
  • Buying an entire Egghead Store
  • Sometimes an app just want crash

I am particularly happy about Raymond's success as I way back Aug of '03 I noticed Raymond seemed to know everything on some of the internal mailing lists, and I thought he should share it with YOU… So I talked him into starting a blog (he wasn't really that hard)… Check out my introduction of Raymond… While you are walking down memory lane, check out my other posts from the Aug of '03….