I just stumbled across a great application\service called Cozi.  It is basically a family management app targeted at the kitchen PC as well as web and mobile front ends. 

While I have only played with it a bit, I think it is a cool example of a new generation service-centric, user experience centered applications.  Think of applications that:

1. Are a front end to a cloud or network hosted service (in Cozi's case, it is family colander, messages, etc.)

2. Are connected by nature, but support offline, desktop integration, etc

3. Offers a a variety of options of accessing the service (over the web, via a desktop application, and mobile) 

I have not spoken at all to the Cozi folks (but I'd love to) but they seem to be making great use of the .NET Framework... ASP.NET on the server, .NET Framework 2.0\WinForms on the client with web services binding it all together.   I can't wait to see what these folks do with .NET Framework 3.0 including WPF and WCF!

What other service-centric applications have you seen?  What sets this group of applications apart in your mind?